Judging the Contest


Successful administration of the many contests requires the participation of a large number of teachers as judges.  Please indicate your willingness to judge and your preferences on the registration sheet.  We will do our best to assign you to your preferred contest(s).  If there is a session during which you cannot judge, please also note this, as last minute changes are difficult to make.  If you volunteer, assume you will judge.  It may be unavoidable to judge your own students.  No one but the assigned judges is allowed to view the contests, other than the skits, the vocal and instrumental music, and the dance contests.  Other than written contests, all contests are judged by a team of experienced judges.  Therefore, all judges’ decisions are final!


There will be a meeting of all judges promptly at 9:00 a.m.  If you are judging, please bring along another adult, perhaps a parent, to be responsible for students.  These chaperones will remain with your students during the opening assembly and warm-up activities as well as be available to assist them during the actual contest events.  Student teachers or teaching interns are encouraged to participate as judges or chaperones. 


Please sign up any other judges as "Teacher 2" on the school registration page. If you have more than two adults as judges, please Email Steve Ohlhaut (ohlhauts@wl.k12.in.us).


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