Student Officers


·       Elections for Président, Vice-Président and Secrétaire take place during the opening assembly.  Seniors are not eligible.

·       Candidates should be prepared to speak in French to the group, using note cards if desired, for 45-60 seconds.   Candidates should introduce themselves, identify their schools, name the office for which they are running and state their qualifications for that position.

·       Teachers of elected officers automatically become members of the Comité de Professeurs.  The Comité and the officers prepare the contest for the following year.

·       The new officers and the current Comité will meet in the fall to begin planning the 2015 contest.

·       If a candidate learns after registration that he or she cannot run for office, please contact Mary Hightshue at

·       Responsibilities related to each office are as follows:


Président and Vice-Président:  These two officers will prepare and conduct large-group student activities the day of the Congrès, including:  warm-up activities, election of officers, announcement of election and contest results, and assist in preparations for the Congrès.


Secrétaire/Historien:  This officer will assist in the selection of prizes, and assist in preparation for the Congrès.

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