Congrès 2018 Registration


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Registering for Congrès 2018 is a simple process.  Before beginning, please make sure to consult the Contest Description pages to make sure that your students are eligible for the contests in which you are entering them.  You may want to have students fill out a paper registration form to make your data entry process quicker.

Step 1:   Register your school on the School registration page.

Step 2:   Have each student fill out a contest registration blank.  Then, use student registration form to submit that information to the Congrès committee.

Step 3:   Mail in your registration fee to, payable to IASF to:

Steve Ohlhaut
West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School
1105 North Grant Street
West Lafayette, IN 47906

If you realize that you had made an error or need to make a change to your students' registrations, please do not resubmit a new form.  Instead, E-mail those changes to Steve Ohlhaut ( no later than February 1, 2018.



















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