Indiana Association of Students of French

Student Travel Scholarship


Since the spring of 2000, the Indiana Association of Students of French has offered a scholarship to a student who will have competed two years in the Congrès and who will be traveling for one week or more in an organized travel program to a French-speaking country.  This year the Congrès would like to offer $300 in scholarships.  Eligible programs will include, but are not limited to:  I.U. Honors Program in Foreign Languages (contingent upon acceptance), school-sponsored travel programs, and other travel programs offered by student travel companies.


Typed applications must be sent in with the school’s contest registration and should include on separate sheets of paper the following components which will be used in the selection process:


*A cover sheet with student information:  name, address, phone number, school, name of current French teacher

* A list of activities outside of French class in which the student has participated and which are related to French language and/or francophone cultures, including the Congrès.  Indicate date or length of participation

* A recommendation from the student’s current French teacher

* An essay written in English by the applicant describing the student’s goals and expectations for the planned trip to a francophone country

* Travel program information:  proof of participation, plus a copy of the itinerary or similar program description, which states length of time to be spent in a francophone country


The IASF teacher committee members will make the selection.  Results will be announced by the first week of May.  Address any questions to Amy Berry at



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