Session 3

12:00 - 12:55 p.m.

Dictée (Dictation):  3 students per level.  The dictation is read 3 times:  normal rate, broken into segments with punctuation, and again at normal rate.  Partial credit is given for certain types of errors.


Géographie (Geography:  3 students per level.  Multiple-choice questions cover France & Canada for (levels 1 and  2; add Africa for levels 3 and 4+.  Levels 1-2 are in English; 3-4 in French.

Récitation poétique (Poetry Recitation):  3 students per level.  Students present memorized poems from a pre-selected list of choices by level*.   Recitation is judged on audibility, pronunciation, intonation/expression, and flow.  Note: native speakers must register at native speaker level. 

*Check the IASF website for copies of poems.



Musique Vocale (Vocal Music) (solo) (débutante ou avancée):  Levels are mixed for this contest.  .  Each school may have only one entry in this contest (either débutante or avancée).  Please note if they are a beginner or at an advanced stage, as they will be judged separately, but play during the same session.  Songs may be sung acappella or with accompanist (piano, not accompanist, provided).  It must be memorized and sung in French.  Singing is judged on appropriateness of interpretation, technique, comprehensibility and degree of difficulty.  Sheet music may be used by accompanist without penalty.  You are required to provide the judges with a score of the piece.  Time limit is  2 to 3 minutes. 

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