Session 4 (1:00 p.m. - 1:55 p.m.)

Vocabulaire (Vocabulary Bee):  3 students per level.  Words are those commonly found in textbooks at that level.  The contest is multiple choice.


Discours Impromptu (Extemporaneous Speaking):  3 students per level.  Shown a picture, the participants will speak for 1 minute (levels 1, 2) or 2 minutes (levels 3,4+).  Speaking is judged on audibility, pronunciation, variety of vocabulary and syntax, and unity of thought.


Musique Instrumentale (Instrumental Music) (solo) (débutante ou avancée): Levels are mixed for this contest.  Each school may have only one entry in this contest (either débutante or avancée).  Please note if they are a beginner or at an advanced stage, as they will be judged separately, but play during the same session.  Musicians introduce in English and perform a song by a francophone composer.  Performance is judged on interpretation, technique, presentation and degree of difficulty.  Sheet music may be used without penalty.  Pieces may be played with or without accompanist (piano, not accompanist, provided).  You are required to provide the judges with a score of the piece. Time limit is 2 to 3 minutes.

Trivia:  It is a mixed-level contest in which all levels take the same fun multiple choice test in English.  Questions cover all aspects of French culture/history/daily life/geography/ art/pop culture/politics/food, etc...  Only three students per school may enroll in this contest.

Danse Traditionnelle (Traditional Dance):  Levels are mixed for this contest.  A school may enter 1 group of 4-8 students.  The dance itself should be francophone in origin.  Students must explain in English its origin and meaning.  Dancers may be accompanied by cassette or CD (player provided) or by a live musician(s).  The explanation should be one minute or less and the dance between 3-4 minutes.  Dancing is judged on explanation, appropriateness of costume, coordination and grace of movement, and enthusiasm. 


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